When it comes to garage door repairs and replacement services, many homeowners are not in the loop until something goes wrong. You may replace your overhead door system once or twice in your life, meaning that when something goes wrong, you’re not sure where to begin.

Home and business owners across Central Texas can rely on ACS Overhead Doors, LLC for complete customer satisfaction. Our company specializes in garage door repairs across Bell County, and our team is here to provide comprehensive services to ensure your property is outfitted for success.

If you have a question about our garage door services, keep reading for answers to a few of our most frequently asked questions first. Then, feel free to contact us if you’re ready for an estimate!

My garage door won’t open. What should I do?

If you discover that your overhead door won’t open, there are a few steps to go through before calling for garage door repairs. Before you contact our pros, be sure to check the:

  • Remote — One simple problem may result from your batteries dying in the garage door opener remote. Simply swap these out to see if your door works.
  • Power — If your opener is not plugged in for any reason, or if your home does not have power, this scenario may be the simplest answer.
  • Photo eyes — Those small, blinking sensors on each side of your garage door along the tracks are necessary for safety, and may interfere with operations if a problem is detected.
  • Tracks — If your door is off its tracks, it likely won’t get very far. Be sure to check along the sides of your garage door for any rollers that aren’t where they should be.
  • Springs — The spring responsible for smoothly raising and lowering your overhead door may have broken. This scenario can explain a sudden decrease in performance.

If anything is found that is outside of your comfort zone, it pays to reach out to a professional garage door company for the safest and most effective results.

Does your company install new garage doors?

Yes! Our overhead door company offers new garage doors for residential and commercial clients across Texas. Whether you’re in need of a C.H.I. Overhead Door for reliable results in the shop, or a beautifully unique residential garage door adorned with one of many styles available, the ACS team is here to get the job done. Learn more about our residential and commercial garage doors before contacting us today!

Can you make my overhead door system quieter?

Yes! The ACS team can take steps to quiet any squeaky, clanking, and otherwise loud parts to create a smooth, quiet operation that your neighbors will be jealous of. Contact us today to see how we can help!

Do you offer emergency garage door services?

Yes! Our team understands that emergencies rarely occur at convenient times, and we help by offering 24-hour garage door repair services if needed. Call us through our contact page, and one of our on-call technicians will arrive promptly at your home to make repairs. 

Can your garage door technicians service my specific make and model?

Yes! Unlike some garage door companies which specialize in certain brands of openers and doors, ACS Overhead Doors proudly provides a full spectrum of training to ensure our technicians are up to speed on all models. This helps to create the best outcome for your property, regardless of the type of equipment present!

Can your company make repairs on the first trip?

Yes! Our trained and insured garage door technician will arrive at your Bell County home with a truck fully stocked for repairs. We’ll arrive on-time to provide fast, prompt services to restore your home’s abilities on the first trip.

Is garage door maintenance really necessary?

We say yes! While new garage doors are designed to operate reliably with little intervention for years to come, regular inspections and maintenance can do much to prevent any future issues. ACS Overhead Doors offers premium maintenance programs that help to elongate the lifespan of your system in a very economical manner. You can rest easy knowing that your door is equipped with the right level of care needed for optimal performance.

Can I fix my garage door springs myself?

We recommend you do NOT take on garage door spring repairs yourself. This process can be especially dangerous for untrained individuals, as springs under immense pressure need to be disconnected and worked upon. If you notice any problems with your springs, our garage door repair pros are here and happy to help!

Do you check garage door seals?

Yes! ACS Overhead Doors understands how uncomfortable the summer conditions can become across Texas, and can help you benefit from a weather-seal replacement. Our team focuses on providing the most comfort we can, because it is vital to repair or replace your garage door seals. We also offer Lifestyle® screens to provide an ideal amount of fresh air and sunshine for your garage space! 

What is your service area?

Our garage door company services homes and businesses across Texas, including:

  • Belton
  • Copperas Cove
  • Harker Heights
  • Jarrell
  • Killeen
  • Nolanville
  • Salado
  • Temple

Still have questions?

If you still have a question you need answered, or you’re ready to get in touch with the ACS Overhead Doors for the best garage door services across Bell County, feel free to contact us online. We look forward to helping you!