Summertime is here, and if you’re like most Texas residents, you’re likely worrying about fun plans and the intense sunshine more than anything else. As the season drags on, however, you may begin to notice certain issues with your garage. One problem that home and business owners rarely concern themselves with is the weatherstripping surrounding the bottom and sides of their overhead doors. If you’ve recently noticed any of the signs mentioned below, it may be time to reach out to local garage door experts for an inspection and replacement of your weather seal.

ACS Overhead Doors, LLC is here to provide top-quality garage door services across Bell County, including repairs, maintenance, and garage door installations. Our team has the training, experience, and equipment needed to deliver ideal outcomes, and we will do so in the most professional and affordable manner possible.

Part of our garage door maintenance plan includes inspecting and replacing your weatherstrip if necessary. Keep reading to learn more about weatherstripping, and contact us today to schedule a professional inspection!

The Value of Weatherstripping

Typically consisting of vinyl, weatherstripping is a material that lines the edges of your garage door. This product is relied on to provide a buffer between the door and any surface it contacts, as well to protect the interior of the garage by keeping ambient air conditions (i.e. stormy weather) away.

Weatherstripping is ideal for extreme temperatures (commonly found in Texas!), providing additional sealing measures to lower your energy bills and improve the comfort in your garage. Over time, though, this material may begin to dry up, crumble, and fall out. Now may be an ideal time for a replacement, which is why we’ve listed a few top signs below.

Drafty Results

Drafts are commonplace in many garages, but if you’ve noticed that yours feels draftier than normal, it may prove wise to check the weatherstrip for any issues. Any new or uncomfortable changes in the temperature of your garage may also indicate a leak along the door.

ACS Overhead Doors can provide professional garage door repairs to stop drafts, improve comfort, and restore your overhead door back to its former glory. Contact us to learn about our comprehensive approach to customer satisfaction, and be sure to ask for a quote for your weatherstripping needs!

Invasive Nature

Heavy storms can be fairly common across Texas throughout the summer, which is why it’s important to check your weather seal regularly. If you notice any leaves, water, or other outside materials within your garage the next morning, it is highly likely that debris is infiltrating through a gap in the weatherstripping. Excess plant matter and moisture can prove problematic for many home and business owners, so be sure you take proactive actions if you see nature invading your space!

Vermin Invasions

Rodents love finding a place to take refuge from the elements, and may end up making a home in your garage if the right opportunity presents itself. While weatherstripping doesn’t necessarily keep furry guests out of your property, a full seal can do much to dissuade any guests from coming through the door. A new weather seal can help to keep a variety of invasive plants and animals out.

Added Sunlight

One easy way to check the integrity of your weather seal is to put your face in close proximity to the borders of your garage door. Do you see daylight coming in? Any sunshine that makes its way through the bottom or sides of your overhead door system can indicate weak points for rain and moisture to infiltrate.

Worn, Aging Weather Seals

The best way to check the condition of your weatherstripping is to inspect it for any signs of damage. Any parts of the rubber that are worn out or missing may indicate it is time for a new seal. Replacing your weatherstripping on a regular basis can prove to be very affordable!

Ready to Get Started?

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