If your garage doubles as a workshop or family rec room, you probably already know it can get hot and stuffy inside during the summer. If you are like most people you probably assume you have only two choices: 1. Keep the door closed to ensure privacy and suffer in silence, or 2. Open the door to let fresh air in.
Fortunately, there is a third choice that allows you to enjoy the benefits of both. A Lifestyle® garage door screen may be just the solution you are looking for. Consider these benefits of Lifestyle® screens.

Increase Family SpaceGrowing families need more room to complete art projects, pursue a new hobby or simply hang out and have fun. Don’t let the unused space in your garage sit idly by. Put it to use for family activities by installing a garage door screen to improve your comfort.
Maintain PrivacyMany people assume they will still be in the public’s eye if they screen in the garage door. With ordinary screens, this may be the case, but the Lifestyle® privacy super screen blocks out prying eyes while letting both fresh air and natural light into the garage. Lifestyle® screens are approved by many housing authorities that require garage doors to be a closed at all times.

Improve SecurityA wide open garage door serves as an invitation for curious intruders who may be tempted to wander in off the street. While it probably won’t stop a burglar from trying to gain access when you are away, it will deter unwanted guests from exploring your garage during the day. It also serves to prevent little ones and pets from wandering outside the play area, making it easier for children to get fresh air and sunlight without the dangers of playing outside.

Keeps Out Bugs and WildlifeWe all know bugs are important to the ecosystem, but that doesn’t mean you need to invite them into your living space. A screen door on your garage will create a barrier to both flying and crawling insects and will keep rodents and other creepy crawlers like snakes and lizards out too. That means everyone can enjoy their time in the fresh air without worrying about biting insects or slithering reptiles.

Improves Air QualityExhaust from vehicles and fumes from paints and other craft or automotive supplies can contaminate the air in your garage. A garage door screen allows you to open the door and air out the garage. The exchange of air keeps the inside air fresh and cool while exhausting the old, stale air to the outside. This is great for DIY projects that need to be completed in a well-ventilated area.

If space is becoming a problem for your family, garage door screens may solve the issue. By expanding your living space and taking advantage of the unused space in your garage, your family can enjoy the freedom to pursue new hobbies or create a game room everyone will enjoy. To learn more about the options available, contact us today. We offer a free consultation and quote to meet your needs.