​Lifestyle® garage door screens provide you with a convenient way to transform your dark and stuffy garage into a bright and fresh enclosed outdoor area. These screens function similarly to your existing garage door, allowing you to open and close them easily to let in natural light and fresh air.

Because they create a barrier between the garage and the outside world, they are ideal for keeping kids and pets safe, maintaining privacy during outdoor activities and expanding your living area.

​How Do Lifestyle® Garage Door Screens Work?

​Lifestyle® screens are mounted in 2-inch-by-2-inch aluminum frames. They run on a maintenance-free track that is independent of the track for your garage door. Because they are counterweighted, they do not rely on a garage door opener and are easily opened and closed by hand.

​Do You Need to Lift the Door Every Time Someone Goes In or Out?

No. Lifestyle® garage doors also come with an optional door-within-a-door system that allows you and your family to enter and exit the garage just like using a traditional door.

The inner door occupies the center section of the garage screen, which means you don’t need to fuss with opening and closing the entire screen every time someone steps outside or neighbors come to call. The inner door slides easily to the side to allow entrance.

​Will the Color and Style of the Frames Match the Garage and House?

Lifestyle® screens are available in neutral shades that complement any décor. They are available in white, sandstone or brown.

Can You Lock the Door?

Not all models feature locks, but you can add them for an additional fee. Locking doors prevent little ones from opening the door and going outside unsupervised and prevent intruders from getting in. While they are not meant as a security measure for when you are away from home, they do provide added security during the day.

What Are the Screens Made Of?

The screen mesh in Lifestyle® screens is made from PVC-coated polyester, a super strong material that will not rust or mildew, resists damage from the sun and weather, and outlasts traditional screen materials.

Can All Lifestyle® Screens Be Used for a Privacy Screen?

Lifestyle® garage door screens are available in both black and white mesh. The black mesh functions like a traditional screen and does not provide privacy.

The white mesh screen is designed to provide privacy by blocking out the view from prying eyes during the day. The white mesh privacy screen is generally approved by housing associations that require garage doors to be closed at all times.

Do You Need Professional Installation?

Professional installation is not required but it is recommended. If you are handy with home projects, you can buy the screens and install them yourself. However, our workers have the experience and expertise needed to install your screens properly for you.

If you need more information about Lifestyle® garage door screens or would like a free quote, contact us today.