Whether you are designing a new house or remodeling the one you have, your selection of a garage door can make or break the home’s curb appeal. Fortunately, you have such a large pool of styles and materials to choose from that you can easily find a garage door to enhance the beauty of your home. In fact, with so many options out there, your only difficulty may be in narrowing them down to the one you like the best. To arrive at your final decision, there are several things to take into consideration.

Your budget will probably determine your preferred style. You can pay a lot for a carriage house style that actually opens like French doors, especially when it comes to automating them. However, going with horizontal panels and overhead opening, you can choose from a large variety of styles. You can choose from the minimalist, barely textured panels, all the way up to raised or sunken wood-grain panels that have the feel of Victorian era architecture, to even a carriage house design but with the overhead functionality, to name just a few. These are all quite attractive and popular. You can see samplings of them here. The addition of windows lends yet more style to the doors plus natural lighting inside the garage. If you feel windows might be a security risk in your neighborhood, you can always have faux window features instead.

For materials, you’ll need to decide between steel, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, glass, natural wood or wood composites. Each type of material has its advantages. Vinyl is tough and the only maintenance requirement is to wash it with the hose from time to time. You can custom paint steel and wood so they always match your house paint perfectly, but you will have to repaint or, in the case of stained wood, re-stain them regularly. Steel is prone to rusting in coastal areas, whereas aluminum is not. Wood composites allow for insulation where natural wood may require more expensive framing to create the space for insulation. Fiberglass is economical and non-rusting, as well as less subject to denting, which can occur with metal doors, or cracking with wood. Glass has a retro service station charm.

Regardless of the style you like best, your new door will probably open with a torsion spring. It’s a fine, efficient system and takes up very little space in your garage compared to more exotic open/close methods. Your only concern with a torsion spring is the potential for injury and damage should it break, which becomes a concern with older springs. As these springs wind up tightly, a break can cause them to strike out with deadly force. To prevent this, we suggest you upgrade your spring system to one that sheaths the spring in a tube. Remember, a tubed spring is a tamed spring.

Most modern garage doors can accommodate insulation which will help save on heating and cooling bills. Since the steel, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass and wood composites are thin, they are constructed on a frame that can be filled with insulation, either polystyrene or polyurethane. If you go with polyurethane, you can enjoy a higher R value with a thinner frame. Insulation also acts as a sound barrier, so you’ll probably want it no matter what style of garage door installation you choose.

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